Nikos The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts the child of Admiral Alexandros Hadjikyriakos and of Eleni Ghika. He previously took craftsmanship exercises from Konstantinos Parthenis and in 923 he left for Paris to learn at the Académie Ranson. At 2 he had his first solo display in Paris where he stayed until 934. His companions there Le George Seferis and workmanship faultfinders Zervos &  Stratis Tériade. Athens assumed a focal job in the production of the diary Μάτι Third eye. He painted a progression of works enlivened by the terrific condition of the island of Hydra and his hereditary home there  among them the barometrical Black Sun 947 and the shocking Wild Garden 959.

He went around Poros Crete Santorini  works for Pine trees in Plants and and Mystras  the scene of Corfu motivated a large number of crafted by his period. Nikos HadjikyriakosGhika 906994 Pine trees in Poros. Oil on canvas 949. Benaki Museum  Ghika Gallery Athens.  Benaki Museum 208. In 96 he wedded Barbara Hutchinson. An individual from the Academy of Athens and an Honorary Member of the Royal Academy.